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2 Major fixes for Restoring my HP Computer to Factory Settings

To restore your HP to factory-setting, it is important to go for system recovery. Add the non-destructive recovery rather than destructive for repairing the Window installing or replacing the damaged missing files. It is the best and convenient mode if you are facing trouble while backing-up.

HP Technical Support helps in restoring the files before running system recovery

  • Restoring through CDs:
    • Begin by backing up the entire important data if you are able to do so. In case the system doesn’t burn your DVD, pick up your flash drive of 4 Gigabytes or higher for storing the data. Besides this, you may also use your networks to transfer the files. Back them up entirely as you wish so.
    • Remove the entire connected devices like removable media drive, USB drive, and the printing device before actually recovering. Work may also be made for removal of hard drives by detaching the cables from the rear of the system. Leave the display beside and attach the rest of the components well.
    • Turn off your device and put the first recovery disk into the drive. If the recovery files are hidden on a partition, choose the system recovering from the screen till it begins.
    • Choose the recovering options for the performance and snap on advanced options. Go for the destructive recovery and go to next.
    • Look into the factory settings. Diagnose for the errors and the responses as it slows down the recovery time.
  • Restoring with recovery manager:
    • Choose the menu link on the Windows and insert the recovery in the field and follow it up with the enter key.
    • Go to advanced options and begin to recover in your system and follow it with next option.
    • In case you are required to use the programming, hit on the no button and validate the selections.
    • Grab the option to back-up the data, in case you haven’t made it. Confirm it with next and the process to reformat the drive will begin. Now, you will be returned to the factory settings.

If you need further information regarding the problem, you can anytime contact us at our HP Customer Support 1800-431-355. We build millions of trusted users on daily basis by providing laptop related solutions. To cover the issue reliably, our team works with all ears and 100% efforts.