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How to reset a Frozen HP laptop?

When an hp laptop freezes, all activities cease on your system and all the running applications get locked. This freezing issue on your system can occur due to:

  • Problem with software
  • Running of too many programs at the same time
  • Issue with driver
  • Operating system related problem
  • Overheating
  • Hardware failure

Reason can be any, but if your system is having a constant freezing problem, then you can perform several troubleshooting techniques provided by Hp Laptop Support team to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting tips to resolve the freezing problem

  • Give your laptop some time: Wait and leave your system for a few minutes to process. It may appear frozen but it can be slow or busy in processing complex work.
  • Reboot your system: If you turn on your caps lock and the light doesn’t turn on and nothing happens then your system is deadlocked and you have to reboot your system. To perform this, press and hold down the power button until your system turns off. Once it is off, wait for a few secs and then turn it on back. You don’t have to enter in safe mode; you have to start the windows normally.
  • Close all not responding programs by ending the process: If the light of caps locks turns on then you can perform this troubleshoot as your window is still working but programs are frozen. For this, press ‘Ctrl+Al+Del’ key on your keyboard and you will be directed to another screen where you have to click on Start Task Manager. Then select the programs which are not responding and click on End task. Now all the non-responding applications are closed.
  • Fix Hardware or Driver issue: If the issue caused due to defective hardware or driver then replace your hardware or download the latest driver from the website on another system and install it in your problematic computer.

These are some methods through which you can troubleshoot the frozen laptop problem. In case, even after following the above methods, your laptop is still frozen, then quickly call us at our HP support number 1800-431-355 and get an alternate solution from our experts.