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How to reinstall the operating system on hp laptop?

No doubt! Hp always high their notch and introduce advance features every time to make its presence in the market. Hp introduces touchpad laptops, notebooks, 360 degrees turned laptops and many more. Today we have smart devices like phone, Television, watches, etc, there you can connect your laptop and use it from your handy device.

Well, even after so many advantages of the hp laptop, user can face some issues on their device. It can be anything like virus issue, hardware or software issue or maybe some other obstacle which forces the user to reinstall the operating system in their device. Early laptop and computer is sold with a repairing disk but now you need a trick to reinstall your system.

To proceed to the tips and tricks, you need to examine these steps simultaneously:

  • Firstly you are supposed to press the F8 key multiple times until the HP logo appears on your laptop’s screen.
  • Second, after a new screen opens in the Advance Boot Options select the option which says “Repair Your Computer”
  • This will take you to system recovery option there you need to select your language and keyboard layout and hit the ‘Next’ tab.
  • Next, enter the username in the first box and enter the password in the next box and press OK at the bottom of the window box.
  • Now you will be promoted to the next page click on the last option” HP Recovery Manager”
  • Again a new page will pop-up select the System recovery option in I need immediate help.

And that’s all! You can contact us if you find it a bit difficult to purse, our engineers will guide you on every single step, so that you can install the operating system successfully without any hurdle. To know more about us, you can visit our website HP Technical Support 1800-431-355 and read more related articles there.