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How do I install Windows on my HP laptop?

If you are searching for the process to install windows on your HP laptop then you have landed on the right blog as here, HP Support team provided the complete and precise procedure which you have to follow step-by-step to accomplish your task.

Steps to install windows on your system

  • First of all, clean out your system if you are freshly installing the windows by deleting all the data from the hard drive then turn it off.
  • Then turn it back on and when the BIOS screen will appear on the display then push DEL, Esc, F2, F10 or F9 depending on the motherboard of your laptop in order to enter into the BIOS system. The button to enter into the BIOS is usually visible on the screen.
  • After entering into it, locate to the BOOT tab and click on it and then select the CD-ROM Drive option from the BOOT menu as the first boot device of your system.
  • Then click on Exit tab and select Exit saving changes option from the Exit menu.
  • After that, a setup confirmation box will pop up on the screen asking you to confirm the change. Click ‘Yes’ and shut down your system by holding the power button until the laptop powers off.
  • Then again power on your computer and insert the Windows installation CD into the CD slot.
  • Then start your computer and press any key. Then click on Start on the disc menu to load the windows setup.
  • Once the window is loaded, select the language, keyboard type, time as per your preference and click next.
  • Then click on Install now and accept the license term by click on the box next to it and then click next.
  • Click on Custom (advanced) on the type of installation and then select the hard drive on which you want to install the window.
  • Once decided the hard drive, click on it and then click next to begin the installation process.

It will take a while to install. In case, if you got stuck in any of the above steps then give us a quick call on our HP Support number 1800-431-355 and get complete guidance from our experts.